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Cascade Fire Protection Co. began offering its services in Oregon in March of 1971. Since then our corporate office has moved to eastern Washington and is currently licensed in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California and Utah. Our memberships include, The National Fire Sprinkler Association, The National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies, The national Fire Protection Association and The National Federation of Independent Business.
For thirty-seven years we have thrived in an ever-expanding industry. To develop the skills in our workplace required to keeping us on the cutting edge. We endeavor to serve a high commitment to safety, integrity and getting the hard work done that keeps us a customer-orientated company. To learn more about how we can best provide our services to you, please visit our services page.

Why Choose Cascade Fire Protection Co.?

Because we are the most experienced company in the Fire Protection Industry and we Have the Track Record to Prove it.

Get it done right. Cascade Fire Protection Co.
always delivers the best in quality work and our clients will tell you the same.
  • Quality Materials
  • Expireinced Design Staff
  • Highly trained Sprinkler Fitters
We greatly value every one of our customers and that’s why we take pride in outstanding customer service. We like to keep our clients happy and up to date throughout every project phase and work closely with our clients to build outstanding relationships.
We get the job done in a timely manner with deadlines mapped out and back-up plans so our projects are completed on time.

If we rated ourselves this is what it would look like.

Yes the cars should probably all be at 100% but were all human. Some humans just know fire protection better than others is all.

  • Fire Protection 100%

  • Sprinkler Installation 100%

  • Seahawk Fans 98%

  • Awesomeness 110%

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